The Grand River Times, July, 1851


Spring Lake July 4th Excursion

   THE PLEASURE PARTY ON THE FOURTH.—Quite unexpectedly we were treated to a ride on the steamer Empire, (Capt. H MARTIN), on the glorious fourth. Nothing to indicate the happiness in store for us until a few minutes before she left. Soon after the boat landed here on her regular trip from the Rapids, Captain MARTIN very kindly proposed to ride to the head of Spring Lake. "Come one, come all, and be sure to bring the girls," was the word, and in about ten minutes we were under way—stopping at Ottawa and Mill Point, receiving from each place a goodly addition, and then the steamer flew over that beautiful Lake "like a thing of life." We saw only joyous faces among the company—not one indicated care or sadness. At the suggestion of Capt. MARTIN, it was proposed that all who chose, should give a trifle to be appropriated to the benefit of the Sunday School Library, at Grand Haven. Although the amount each should give was limited to twenty-five cents, and under that, as each shall be disposed—yet on counting change, $10 was found. Many on board would willingly have given much more, but that was the limit. This amount will be used in providing an additional supply of books to our Sunday School—and may those who contributed, and the one who so kindly offered the ride be rewarded by Him who has said—"Cast thy bread upon the waters ; for thou shalt find it after many days."