Grand Haven Daily Tribune  February 2, 1914





   David F. Hunton, the preator of the Ottawa county bar, celebrated the ninetieth anniversary of his natal day Monday in a quiet, unobtrusive manner at his home on Howard Street. 

   Several of his friends came to see him during the day to congratulate him and met with a hearty reception.

   The Judge, at this ripe old age, is in fairly good health and made the remark that he was feeling so well, that if it was not for his heart trouble he would be out shoveling snow.

   He has never indulged, he says, in the luxury of using spectacles and does not consider that his hearing is anyway impaired.

   Ninety years ago Monday, February 2nd, 1824, David Hunton was born in Unity township, Sullivan county, N. H.  He received a common school education in his native state but later in Lowell, Mass., he studied law under General Benjamin F. Butler and was admitted to the bar in 1850. 

   In 1867, he removed to Grand Haven, where he has since resided and practiced his profession up until a few years ago.  In 1902, he was elected police judge of this city, which office he filled for four years.

   The judge has been married four times and is living a happy contented life in company with his wife he married in 1902.

   Two of his sons by his second wife are practicing law, one in New York City and one in Claremont, N. H.  Then he has a son by his third wife, who is an electrician in the Navy on the scout cruiser, “Chester.”  His two daughters are married, one, Mrs. W. E. Swift resides in Chicago, while his other daughter, Mrs. F. D. Warren resides in Batavia, Ohio.