The Evening Tribune August, 1891


Akeley Concert.


   The concert last evening in the Unitarian church was one of the most enjoyable Musicals it has been the privilege of the writer to attend. All though nearly impromptu it was evident that the performers are always ready for action, and the programme, which we give below, had all of the effects of a carefully laid out and practiced plan.

   In a slight notice it would not be possible or permissible to speak of each participant, but special mention must be made of Miss Marion Ralston, of St. Louis, and Miss Minor of Chicago. Miss Ralston, whose extreme youth prevents her being even a debutante is one whose genius must be apparent to all music lovers. In inspiration as well as in technique, she is marvelous, but this is not all. It is as an improvisatrice that the gift of this child of music is most apparent. In response to a hearty encore, after a brilliant rendering of Rameau’s Gavotte Miss Rawlston returned to the piano, and played a delicious little Romanye, one of her own impromptu compositions. "The Mill,’ her second encore is nearly a little study of Jensen’s. The artistic rendering above produced the delightful effect on the audience.

   Miss Miner possesses not only a pure rich voice, filling with not the least effort, the council hall, or subdued to the limit of the drawing room, but a manner so charming, so free from mannerism, and so joyous that it is like listening to a bird singing from pure love of being. The enthusiastic audience greeted the singer again and again with encores, and when, after the third response, they permitted Miss Miner to retire, it was with marvelous subduing of selfish desire, to the spell of the music.

   The concert was pleasantly closed by reading of Mrs. M. H. Parsons.

   We are unable to say how much the concert netted for Akeley Institute, but the real enjoyment must far exceed the greatest money value.


Moszkowski—(a) Waltz, (b) Bolero.—Mrs. Rawlston and Mrs. Kelsey.

Gordigiani—O-Sanctissma—Virgine Maria.

Encore, Bonnie Sweet Bessie—Miss Miner.

Hartwell—Sim’s Little Girl. Mrs M. H. Parsons.

Rameau—Gavotte, Encore, Romanye. Miss Marion Rawlston.

Marsials—Go Pretty Rose, Mrs. Kelsey and Miss Miner.

Katrina’s Visit to New York, Mrs. Parsons.

Jordan—(a) Love’s Philosophy, Nevin, (b) Serenade, Encore, Clover Blossoms, Miss Miner.

Schubert, Liszt—Valse de Vienne, Miss Marion Rawlston. Encore. Jensen, The Mill.

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