The Evening Tribune May/June, 1891

Church & Society


   The Good Templars’ ice cream social, held at the residence of Mrs. James Riley last evening, proved a grand success both socially and financially. There was about 100 present, the proceeds amounting to $10.00. Much credit is due the band boys for the excellent music they furnished. There was about one gallon of ice cream left, which was to have been delivered this morning, but during the night some sneak thief entered the house and carried it off.


   One of the pleasantest social events of the season was the pink tea given by Mrs. John Thorp at her residence on Second street last evening, about thirty of our best society ladies being present. The parlors were very tastily and beautifully decorated with flowers and potted plants, and the ladies dressed in their handsome visiting costumes with their lovely corsage bouquets of various pink blossoms made the parlors seem like a veritable flower garden. The refreshments were very choice and dainty—the tables ornamented with their prettily painted souvenir bon bon boxes and flowers, and waited upon by some of Grand Haven’s charming young ladies made it an occasion to be remembered.


   An important and happy social event occurred last evening in the Ruby (Fortieth) wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Danhof, sr., at their home, corner 7th and Washington streets. About one hundred people, relatives and friends, were present, some elegant presents were given, a sumptuous supper served, and all who participated will remember the occasion as a very enjoyable one.


   The young people of the Second Reformed church will give a strawberry and cream social at the home of Mrs. Sprick, Tuesday evening. The attraction of the evening will be the potato game.


   The First Christian Reformed Church could accommodate only about half of the people who turned out last evening to hear the introductory sermon of the new elect pastor, Rev. K. Kupar.


   The exhibit of school work at the parlors of the Congregational Church merit the attention and encouragement of every parent in the city. It not only demands their attention but merits it.


The School Exhibit.

   Hundreds of our citizens visited the basement of the Congregational church last evening and there had a chance to inspect the wonderful progress in penmanship, drawing and kindergarten work made by our boys and girls. On the walls and tables were arranged in pleasing ways the work of the school children and when we take into consideration that the progress made in these branches has largely been made in the past four years, it certainly requires words wonderful progress to fully express our sentiments. The leader in most of the good work was present at the church to explain and show up the work and made it pleasant for all who visited there, and by the way, while there we learned that Miss Lucy Keller, the teacher in penmanship, was to leave us, and her departure from this city for Duluth, Minn., will be regretted by all, but the grand good work she has done here will be remembered and talked of long after her departure, yes the little tot just now able to learn the first principles of penmanship and those who have progressed farther as they grow in years will have reason to praise her and tell of the good work she has done for them.


   The young people's social of the Catholic church, held in the building opposite the post office, last night, netted over $40.00 and was a very enjoyable affair.

   Temperance exercises at the M. E. church to-morrow at 9 p.m. The exercises will consist of short speeches by George Hammond and Frank McCooy. Blackboard exercises by J. B. Perham. Recitation by Sadie Finch, Hattie Madden, Maud Smith, Emma Olsen, Nelson Holcomb, Jennis Reenders and other singing by girls. The public is invited.


   A very pleasant surprise party at Highland Park Hotel last evening—Miss Clara Bell, one of the popular lady teachers of our city schools, was the one who fifty of our young folks turned out to surprise, and it was a complete success and all claimed to have a good time. Dancing was the main enjoyment of the evening.


   Seven new members were added to the German Evangelical Church last Sunday.

   The lumber is on the ground for the new sidewalk in front of the Episcopal church.


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