Shall We Celebrate the Fourth?


   Shall we celebrate July 4th? We favor a good old-fashioned celebration. What say you boys?


   Judging from the press, about every other town of any consequence in the state, excepting Grand Haven, is going to have a monstrous celebration of the glorious 4th.


   How many times will the people of Grand Haven and surrounding country spend abroad providing this 4th?

   People from the country tell us they are coming to this city July 4th if we celebrate; if not they will go to Grand Rapids or Muskegon.


Why Not Have a Fourth at Home?

   There is a growing feeling that our people ought to celebrate in a modest way at home. Company F has been offered $50 to go to Muskegon—paying their own expenses. A prominent citizen of the city has guaranteed them $50 if they will take part in a celebration at home. Would it not be well to make the necessary preparations and give our neighbors to understand that we are ready to entertain all visitors on the Fourth.


   Our merchants will close their stores at noon July 4th.

   The Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee railroad will run excursion trains to this city July 4th, and the Chicago & West Michigan railroad will sell tickets from all points on their railroad at half fare.

Co. F and July 4th.

   We understand that Co. F. has about made up its mind to go to Muskegon, July 4th. In justice to themselves and the city we think the boys ought to and will stay at home, providing that they are paid as much as they could get by going away. Since our city has decided to celebrate let it be no half way affair, but let company F join with everybody else in making it a grand success. Do what you can for your own town, boys.


   Some people’s public spirit isn’t as deep as an artesian well.

   Grand Haven is not in it for a 4th of July celebration this year. Not this year, some other year.

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