Spring Lake Drowning.

   Two men whose names we did not learn capsized their canoe on Spring Lake this afternoon. They yelled lustily for help and were heard by people at the Spring Lake House, who went to their assistance and helped them ashore.



   Dr. Springer, a Mr. Johnson, and another man whose name was not learned, came from Grand Rapids yesterday morning and went fishing in Spring Lake. About 1 o’clock, when about ready to return, one of the men, by moving in the boat, in some way capsized it and all went into the water. Dr. Springer and the man whose name is not known clung to the boat, but Johnson went down. The two men cried lustily for help, which soon arrived from the village, and they were taken ashore and departed on the afternoon train to Grand Rapids, before the body of the drowned man had been found. The body was recovered about 3 o’clock in the after noon and the friends in Grand Rapids were telephoned, and an inquest will be held. Nothing can be learned of the man Johnson more than he was 30 years of age and a man of family.

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