The Evening Tribune May/June, 1891

Law & Order


Another complaint for illegal fishing tried at Spring lake today.


   The case of the illegal fishing which was to have been tried at Spring Lake yesterday was held open until today on account of the respondents not appearing. Officers were sent after them this morning and the prosecution hopes to try the case today.

   The examination of Taylor for the stabbing Hunt at Nunica will take place before Judge Pagelson tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock.


   There is considerable criminal business in the courts just now.


   Rip Nordhouse and Sam Kimball were convicted yesterday afternoon before Justice Kay at Spring Lake of fishing with nets in Spring Lake, and their fine included costs of amounted to $80. These are the men who were arrested on the night of May 13, by State Game Warden, U. S. Hampton. It is the first successful attempt to stop the net fishing which has long been carried on in Spring Lake and Grand Haven so shamefully, and the people of the two towns have occasion to congratulate themselves over the result.


   Justice Court business, owing to the good behavior of our citizens, is not lively at present.

   Robert Graham was arrested this afternoon by Marshal Verhoef, on the charge of keeping open his saloon on Sunday, and brought before Justice Pagelson. He waved examination and was bound over to the next term of Circuit Court for trial.


   The Wiley Water Works Co. have commenced a suit against the city and the city long ago commenced a suit for settlement against the Wiley Water Works Co., and between the two suits justice ought to be and no doubt will be, administered.

   There is a rumor current about the city that Mr. J. C. Young was instrumental in having Mr. Graham arrested for keeping his saloon open last Sunday. I emphatically deny that Mr. Young had any complicity in the matter in any matter whatever, nor did he have any conversation of any character with me that day or until after the arrest was made. Mr. Young is a man who minds his own business, and if some other people did the same, the city would be much better off.


City Marshal 

  The courts have decided that parties holding insurance policies for which they have failed to put up the collateral, cannot recover in case of loss by fire.


   Playing base ball on the sidewalks and over the cross-walks of our city is a nuisance that the Marshal should abate before some of our good citizens get hurt.


   Charles Geirsler was arrested by Deputy Game and Fish Warden Christmas for fishing with a net in the Grand River in the town of Robinson. On being brought before Judge Pagelson, he pleaded guilty to the charge and in default of $17.50 fine and costs was committed to jail for twenty days.

   Frank Stone, a Grand Haven boy, for some time an inmate of the Coldwater Reform School, was before justice Pagelson this afternoon for truancy, and was sentenced to the Reform school at Lansing until he becomes 19 years of age.

   Jas. Doherty was arrested last night for drunkenness and this morning was given a six days meal and lodging ticket at the county jail.


   H. M. Oakes, arrested on complaint of A. L. Livingston for leaving without settling his board, was tried in police court and sentenced to pay a fine of $10 and costs or to sojourn thirty days in the county jail. He could not pay his fine.


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