Great Lakes Surfing Association
Beach & Pier Rescue Project

Rip Current Rescue Exercise 8/19/07

   This is a rather simplistic photo description of how a rip rescue can be accomplished by a surfboard, paddle board and wave ski.  Even in perfectly calm conditions such as this there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.  Rough, wavy conditions can make such an operation even more challenging, but would still follow this same, simple outline.  




1.  Marty Karrish plays rip current victim a few hundred feet off shore


 Mike Smith spots victim from where he surfing and inside sandbar and paddles out to him.


  Mike extends surfboard to victim while calming him and giving instructions.



  Bob Pratt paddles up with 12 foot rescue board to provide additional flotation to the victim.


5.  Ken Smith spots the group from his wave ski and comes to assist.


  Ken, using a standard wave ski rescue technique, pulls victim on board.


7.  Victim safely on wave ski ready to leave for shore.


 Bob and Mike and Mike opt to paddle in and possibly hitch a ride on a wave.


9.  Victim smiling gratefully on arrival at shore.


Photos by Bob Beaton


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