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   The Great Lakes Surfing Association is currently under direction of Bob Beaton, president and only officer until  others are designated.   This transfer of direction, along with GLSA documents, equipments, etc.,  was accomplished in June of 2007 by Brian McDonald, the previous director of the GLSA.  This is currently the official GLSA website.  The GLSA also has two project yahoo groups.  Bob Pratt's is handling the GLSA Beach & Pier Rescue project and the GLSA History of Great Lakes Surfing project will be handled at .

   The GLSA membership records are intact thanks to the careful maintenance of previous directors.  New memberships and membership upgrades will be accepted shortly.  Those who have existing paid up memberships will be credited.  See more about this in the membership section of this site.

   I'm sure all Great Lakes surfers are happy to see the GLSA active again and I will do my best to maintain the hard work of my predecessors and push forward new projects to enhance our surfing on these lakes.  I appreciate all the support thus far and will give my best to to carry on the good reputation of the Great Lakes Surfing Association!

Bob 'Doc' Beaton

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