The Evening Tribune September, 1891

The "Little Harry’s" Captain Found.


   P. C. VanHoeven, captain of the yacht "Little Harry" which foundered in a gale off Holland harbor, the night of Aug. 25th, was found Thursday morning, between six and seven o’clock on the beach near the line between Grand Haven and Olive Townships. The body, though badly decomposed, was easily recognized, by a coroner’s jury impaneled by Justice Edward, of Grand Haven township.

   Cornelius and Richard VanHoeven, sons of the diseased residing in Chicago, and who have been here several days awaiting tidings of the finding of their father, were very fortunately found in this city, Thursday evening, just ready to depart for their home. They accompanied Mr. Edward to Grand Haven and were present yesterday at the burial of their father in Grand Haven township.

    The two sons have been unfortunate, one of then just recovering from a severe accident, among other afflictions. They had however, but few days before, managed to get together $25 sent to their father at Holland and for which he had written them; and it was with this money that he had purchased his last cargo which was lost with the "Little Harry."

   The old gentleman was a daring seaman and frequently made trips to Chicago late in the season with his little yacht.

   The old sailor was quite an interesting type of character in his way, though somewhat a grotesque one, but kind hearted and quite a general favorite. The writer with a party of friends sailed to Ottawa Beach from Holland in the "Little Harry" several weeks ago, and what, with "old Kees" (as he was familiarly called) sage remarks and humorous way of doing things, it was a most enjoyable trip. Little Harry, nine-year-old, was along and worked like a little hero at his father’s command to trim sail, etc. You have seen the picture of the "Jolly Old Tar" on the tobacco tags? Well it is a perfect picture of skipper Kees, and we have often heard this remarked. Many sincere friends will miss "Old Kees" and the "Little Harry" from their regular and familiar places at Holland and its resorts.


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