The Evening Tribune August, 1891

Terrible Accident.


   Yesterday afternoon James Safford or "Jimmy" as he is popularly known, was putting a belt on the shafting above the grindstone in Bloecker’s Foundry, he slipped and fell, his arm being caught between the belt and wheel. He was whirled around once and fell twenty feet on a heavy truck. While he was being whirled around he struck the ladder on which he had been standing knocking it over.

   He was carried home and Dr. Hofma called, who found that the left arm was broken in two places besides being terribly jammed and the bones protruding.. It was found necessary to amputate the arm which was done at 6:30 last evening, Drs. VanderVeen, Hofma and Reynolds performing the operation.

   "Jimmy" stood it all bravely, never uttering a groan at any time, and it was quite typical for him to say when carried home, "well boys, I might have walked."

   A deep sympathy from a host of friends is felt for the young man in his sad affliction.

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