Sand Hill City

 The Carl Bajema Collection

Grand Haven Tribune Newspaper Articles

   Over a period of twelve years Carl Bajema has compiled a collection of thousands of Grand Haven Tribune newspaper articles, mostly from 1895-1901, but from earlier and later times as well.   Mr. Bajema has taken the time and effort to print out from microfilm the newspaper pages dealing with local history.  From these sheets he has cut out  the various articles, sorted them by subject matter, arranged them chronologically and pasted them to pages in binders.  Articles not fitting one of the subject designations are placed in a yearly binder called 'Various Articles.'

   The project here is to try and digitally index as many of these articles as possible so as to make the subject content easier to search.  Once each binder has been indexed, it will likely be submitted to the Grand Haven Loutit Library, along with a copy of the digital index, so as to make this work available to the public.  The number of these thick, content rich binders is extensive and it may take many years to digitally index them all.  However, "A project started is a project half done!"

Binders indexed so far include:

Grand Haven & Ottawa County Murders  Updated 4/23/09

Various Articles:  July-December, 1907  Updated 4/23/09

Various Articles: 1914  Updated 5/1/09

Works in progress include:

Various Articles:  1915, 1917

Grand Haven Industries 1917