Attempt at Suicide on City of Milwaukee

City of Milwaukee


Attempt at Suicide.

  The steamer City of Milwaukee left Milwaukee last evening at 8:30 oclock. When out from the harbor about five miles an elderly woman was seen to walk rapidly to the stern of the boat and throw herself into the lake. The engines were reversed, and the boat stopped immediately. A small boat was lowered and by the aid of the moonlight her form could be seen about 300 feet astern. Rowing rapidly to the spot they came upon her with her face down, but still alive. After getting her to the steamer her clothes were removed, and all done for her that could be done. Upon arriving here this morning she was out of danger. She is a French woman and does not speak English. She has a ticket to Montreal, via Detroit.

   All the passengers speak well of the actions of the crew, as there was not time to be lost in lowering the boat, or she would have been drowned. A collection of $17 was taken among the passengers an crew and presented to her. By all that can be learned she is from Ironwood, Wis. She claims that she was going to meet a son in Milwaukee but could not find him, and so she became discouraged with life.

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