The Evening Tribune July, 1891

Building Construction


   Work on the new Akeley Institute building is being pushed in a lively manner by the building committee.

   We are informed by the Alderman Vanpell that the Electric Light and Construction Co., has made the first payment on their lot here on which the plant will be located. Mr. Vanpell goes north tonight to buy poles for the electric light wires, which will be shipped here at once and work will probably commence next week.


   The electric light and street railroad is a "go" and everybody is glad of it.


   Stone for the foundation to the new Akeley institute building is on the ground.


   The work of painting the new Cutler House will begin the first of next week. Albers Bro’s. have the contract.


  Work was begun today on removing the boat houses from the property purchased by the Electric Light Company for their plant.


   The excavating for the foundation of the new building at Akeley is nearly completed.

   Fifth street near Washington was planked this morning to enable teams to draw material onto the Akeley Institute grounds.


   The work on the new electric light plant will continue in dead earnest next week.


   Joseph Koeltz says he will put down in front of his place of business a stone flag sidewalk when the first electric car passes up Washington st. Good!


   A shipment of electric light poles has arrived.


   Soon we will have electric light and cars in order.


   Jos. Koeltz is having a temporary new walk placed in front of his cigar store, just something to last until the first electric car runs, when he is to put down that stone flagging.


   Several car loads of stone have arrived for the electric light building. The work of building will begin about August 1st.


   The foundation walls for the new building at Akeley are being pushed in a lively manner.


The New Cutler House.

   The ornament of our city and one of which it may justly feel proud is the New Cutler House, just nearing completion, and which fully supplies the seemingly irreparable loss of the old. It will be opened in about two weeks and will accommodate 100 guests. The furniture and carpets will arrive Monday or Tuesday of next week, and the house will then be closed to the public until regularly opened for guests. The house will then be in all its appointments, convenience, finish and and furnishings, equal to the best in the state. Every room in the house is large, spacious and will be lighted and furnished with electric call bell, also call and back call in each room. There is a private room, and three baths for guests, while the plumbing is the very best procurable. The wash rooms and fixtures are of the very latest and best design, and furnished with both hot and cold water. The cook room and kitchen and their accessories are also as convenient in design as possible and are already furnished with a John Van range, bake oven and carving table, which are the best in the market. The dining room is roomy and well lighted, and with the office and ladies parlor has a handsome mantel and will be elegantly furnished, which to be well described and appreciated, must be seen. We had nearly forgotten to speak of the hair mattresses with which every sleeping room will be furnished, and which also must be sampled to appreciated; it is only necessary to say that no house in the state has better; they are not procurable.

   It goes without saying that he Cutler House, under the able management of Mr. W. L. R. Andres will receive a due proportion of the very best patronage.

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