Grand Haven Daily Tribune  November 13, 1899


Death of Freddie Cosgrove.


   Little Fred Monroe Cosgrove, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Cosgrove, passed away yesterday morning after an illness that has really extended over the greater portion of his short life.  For years he has been troubled with a disease of the heart and but for a short period when he went to school he was an invalid.  The brave little sufferer, bore the severe pain that often racked his system with heroism that one seldom sees.

   He could not go outdoors and enjoy the sports which boys of his age do, but was always patient and cheerful.  Lately dropsy had set in and rheumatism and for several weeks it has been known that the end was near.  All that medical skill could do was done.

   Freddie was born in this city April 10, 1886.

   The funeral will take place at 1:30 from the family home on Washington St. tomorrow, and at two from the M. E. church.  Burial will be at Lake Forest.