Grand Haven Daily Tribune  January 11, 1907



Gerrit J. Diekema for Congress.


   The elevation of William Alden smith to the U.S. Senate will make it necessary to soon elect his successor in the lower House at Washington.  The Fifth district is so constituted that Grand Rapids and Kent County dominate and can control any and every convention, but now that they have a U.S. Senator, it would seem that the Republicans of Kent would recognize their neighbors in the District.

   Ottawa County can present to the convention to nominate a successor to Smith, a man who will fill his place more ably and capably than any other man in the Fifth District, in the person of Gerrit J. Diekema.

   Gerrit J. Diekema, like Smith, is a self made man.  He was a poor boy, but he had ambition and has worked himself up, step by step, until today, in the profession and in Republican politics he stands with the highest in the state.  He is chairman of the state central committee, he is a member of the Spanish claims commission with men like Chandler, a national character, as associate; as a lawyer he ranks with the greatest in the state; as an orator Mr. Diekema is in the very front rank.  He is possessed of all the qualities that go up to make a man prominent and great in public life.  He could go down to Washington and attract attention from his first entry upon the floor of Congress.  He could represent this District of ourís as Smith did, and thatís saying something, for Smith was one of the best men who ever sat with a Michigan delegation in the national Congress.

   Diekema is strong in every essential.  His knowledge, his wide range, his law ability, his experience in public life, makes him the ideal candidate.

   The Tribune would like to see Gerrit J. Diekema in Congress.  It is not alone.  Letís start a boom for the man from Holland which will eventually lead him there.