E. P. Ferry Heads 
Commercial Congress.


   At Denver, Col., Hon. E. P. Ferry of Utah, but formerly of this city, and a brother of Senator Ferry, was elected president of the trans-Mississippi commercial congress, yesterday, by a vote of 316 to 198. This is considered a victory for the silver men. A recess was then taken till 2:30 p.m. The convention was called to order for the afternoon session by Chairman Ferry, and a large number of resolutions were introduced and referred to the Committee on Resolutions. Probably the most important one was from the Louisiana delegation. It urged upon the congress the necessity and advisability of appropriating enough money to make the Mississippi river navigable for ocean vessels from its mouth to St. Louis. The irrigation of arid lands was made the special order for tomorrow morning. The question for discussion this afternoon was "The Ceding of Public Lands by the General Government to the Respective States." United States Senator Warren, of Wyoming, opened the discussion with a speech, and the meeting adjourned till today.


   Sunday’s Free Press thus speaks of our former townsman Hon. E. P. Ferry: Ed P. Ferry, of Utah, is the president of the Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress which has been in session all the week in Denver. His election was regarded as a great victory for free silver by the convention. It is regarded in Michigan as a fine complement to a citizen of this state, for we have never regarded Ed Ferry as more than temporary transited to Detroit the land of the Mormon and the honey bee.

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