The Evening Tribune September, 1891

Electric Matters.


   We understand that the acceptance by the city of the Electric Light and Power Companyís proposal to furnish power to run the City water works, assures the building of an electric street railway. What disposition the special committee that has the proposition in hand will make of it, we are unable to determine. The proposition in whole has not been made public, but from what has been learned of it, it would seem to involve a saving to the city of several hundred dollars, and we think it safe to conjecture that it will be accepted.


   Electric light matters can be summed up in two words: progressing finely.



   He didnít read the papers for they hadnít any news;
   At least they didnít coincide with his especial views,
   And when he went to town one day with criticism ripe
   He climbed to an electric light lamp to light his ancient pipe:
   He hadnít read the papersóbut he knew just what was best;
   He simply touched the wire and the fluid did the rest.
   óAtlanta Constitution.


   The electric light plant is going up rapidly. The brick work is completed and work on the second story has begun.


   In accepting the proposition of the Electric Light and Power Co., the citizens generally believe the council did a wise act in the way of economy, and will, when carried will give our citizens good wholesome water.


   Work on the electric power house has reached the top of the second story and will soon receive its roof.


   If the removal of the city water works pumps shall give the city good water, the people who are using the present liquid that goes by that name will rise up and bless the events that brought about the change.



Nothing less than Electric Transit Between
Grand Haven and the Sawdust City.
A New Scheme from the
Electric Power Construction Co.

   An important project now under consideration by the electric Light and Power Company, which is of very material interest to this city, is the contemplated construction by that company and others interested, of an electric railway between this city and Muskegon Heights, by way of Ferrysburg.

   Considering the great passenger traffic between the two cities and the increased amount that would be created by a rapid, cheap transit, such an enterprise is, without doubt, warranted.

   Certain it is that the matter is being seriously investigated by the company, from a member of which the above facts were obtained.


   The electric light poles are being placed in their respective places.

What They Say.

   Some two or three weeks ago a party of Grand Haven capitalists visited Muskegon Heights and were then considering the advisability of running an electric railroad from Grand Haven to Ferrysburg, then to the blast furnace at Fruitport, from thence to Mona Lake and to Muskegon Heights.

   Nothing further was heard of the project until the following appeared in the Grand Rapids Democrat:

   Grand Haven, Sept. 19.óThe electric power company here has an important project under way. It is nothing less than an electric street railway between Grand Haven and Muskegon Heights, by way of Ferrysburg. The company believes that the great passenger traffic between the Sawdust City and Grand Haven will fully warrant the enterprise.

   Mr. Howell was seen by the Chronicle today relative to the above and said it was a fact that the Grand Haven capitalists had been at the Heights talking their project over, but further than that he knew of nothing new about the scheme.óMuskegon Chronicle.


   Fred J. Bertschy & Co., of Spring Lake, delivered a scow load of brick to the Electric Light and Power Co., today. The load contained 36,000 brick.


   The electric light plant received two carloads of machinery yesterday, including two boilers and an engine. The boilers are 16 feet long, 5 foot shell and have 85 three and one half inch flues.


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