The Grand River Times, July, 1851


Grand Haven Pilots Know the Way

   "The report that our Grand River lumber vessels throw shingles overboard, every half mile, so as to know their way back, is wholly without foundation. Grand River Eagle will please copy."

   The above appeared in the Chicago Advertiser with the request that the Grand River Eagle would copy—the editor not knowing that the press had a mouth piece at the port of Grand Haven through which he could speak.—The early days of the West, when Chicago vessels transported the products of our forests, and years since, vessels coming here for freights during the dull season, have had the reputation of thus marking their otherwise trackless way.— But the business has changed and Grand River mostly owns her shipping, and masters have learned the way to and from Chicago ; and for years our fleet have been the pilots on the route. It is not true that the Grand River Vessels "throw shingles over board every half mile &c.," but we are led to think it is practiced to some extent by others, as we understand that the masters of the Grand River fleet this season have one and all refused to shorten sail to accompany those occasionally visiting this port.