The Grand River Times, July, 1851

Goods For Sale

  WISTAR’S Balsam of Wild Cherry for diseases of the lungs at WM. M. FERRY’S.  
  DR. S. Sawyer’s Fluid Extract of bark, a cure for the Fever and Ague, at WM. M. FERRY’S  

LEMON SUGAR.–A superior article, making a delicious beverage, these hot days―manufactured for sale at the Mill Point Cash Store by L. M. SMITH.

  READY Made Clothing, Summer styles, for sale at WM. M. FERRY’S.  

AN assortment of books for sale at LEVI SHACKETON’S.


SHIPPING.–The undersigned are prepared to con-tract for delivery of all kinds of produce consigned to Eastern markets, at the lowest rates.


INSURANCE.–Marine Insurance on cargoes bound for Buffalo, can be obtained at the lowest rates on application to GILBERT & CO.

  FLOUR and Salt on and for sale low, by GILBERT & CO.  
  ALL WOOL, English Carpets for sale at GRIFFIN’S.  
  12,14 & 15 inch super Mill saw files, at GRIFFIN’S.  

FOR SALE.–A good second hand Engine of 25 Horse Power, with Cross Head, Slides &c., suitable for running two saws. One yoke of good working oxen, also one double wagon.   GILBERT & CO.


ATTENTION!  LUMBERMEN.―Good Jobs.― Cutting and hauling Logs during the ensuing winter, may be obtained on application to GILBERT & CO.


LOGS! LOGS!–Wanted. 500,00 feet Pine Logs 10 and 20 feet long, for which cash will be paid on delivery.  GILBERT & CO.

  CASH will be paid for warranted No. 1 Shingles by GILBERT & CO.  

SIMMONDS & DAVIS axes, for sale at GRIFFIN’S.


FORKS, Hoes, Scythes, Rakes, Rakes & Shovels, for sale at GRIFFIN’S.

  F.F.F. And rifle powder, Shot guns and Percussion caps at GRIFFIN’S.  
  CONGRESS Gold pens, with extension holder for sale at GRIFFIN’S.  
  DRIED APPLES, just received from Ohio, at WM. M. FERRY’S.  
  WARNICK & BRYONS celebrated James River chewing tobacco for sale at WM. M. FERRY'S.  

WASH tubs of all sizes of the best material for sale wholesale or retail, made by Benjamin F. Eams at WM. FERRY'S steam saw mill.

  BROWN sheetings, for sale  at WM. M. FERRY'S.  
  PORK, a superior article for sale at the store of WM. M. FERRY.  

CORN, a large supply at the store of WM. M. FERRY.

  MACKEREL, the best quality, now on hand, and for sale by WM. M. FERRY.  
  BROOMS of the best quality, for sale at the store of WM. M. FERRY.  
  FANCY candles, Oranges, Lemons, Prunes, Figs, Raisins and Nuts, received weekly and for sale by LEVI SHACKELTON.  
  DETROIT ALE, Sardines, Pickles and tomato Catsup, at LEVI SHACKELTON's.  
  PORK and Flour, always on hand and for sale at LEVI SHACKELTON's.  
  THE highest price paid for Lumber, Shingles and Shingle bolts by LEVI SHACKELTON.  
  BLANKS.―Deeds, Mortgages, Bonds, Marriage Certificates, &c. &c.  For sale at this office.  

HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALEThe subscriber intending to leave Grand Haven, offers at a bargain his house and lot, fronting the river, on the high ground South of Eaton’s Hotel, and commanding a fine view of the river and Lake Michigan. The property including the Ball Alley and joining, is well calculated for a public house, or boarding establishment, and with little expense can be made to accommodate as many travelers or boarders as any in the place—a clear title given.

  For terms which will be very low, apply to the subscriber, or at this office.


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