The Evening Tribune July, 1891


Henry Griffin Dead.

   Henry Griffin, one of the oldest pioneers of Ottawa county and this city, died at his residence corner of Third and Fulton streets early this morning. His death was a surprise to a good many of his friends, who had not supposed him so near death, though he was known to have been ill for several months previous. He was one of the honored men of city and county, having filled several responsible positions of trust.  He leaves two daughters, one a teacher in the Grand Rapids schools, and the other has lived with her father in this city. Many respected friends will also mourn his departure.

   The funeral will be held Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

   Henry Griffin was born in Grimsby, Ont., December 30, 1807. He embarked in the general merchandise business in that place at an early age. The business not proving altogether successful he moved to this state in 1837, located at Eastmanville, where he followed the pursuit of trading.

   In 1844, being elected sheriff of the county, he moved to Grand Haven. When his term of Sheriff expired he entered the general merchandise business here, building the first store building in this city, in 1849, on the corner of Washington and 1st streets, which is still standing.

   His wife died in the year 1868, after a happy married life of 38 years, having married Mr. Griffin in May, 1830.

   In 1871 he was elected Mayor, being the fourth successor to that office, Messrs. Parks, Cutler and Duncan preceding him.

   He retired from business about eight years ago, living quietly at his home in this city since.


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