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Waterbed Heaters

"What's wrong with the one you have?"

I lose almost half of my heater sales by asking this question.  If your indicator light is on and you are not getting heat then either you haven't waited long enough to let the bed heat or your heater pad is disconnected from the control unit.  The most common occurrence here is the cord from the heater pad getting bumped, snagged or jolted from the control unit by the vacuum, kids , pets or you.  Sometimes, even when it looks plugged in, it isn't, and needs an extra push.

If the indicator is not on and you have checked the electrical jack on your wall, then that is an indication either the heat sensor or the on/off contacts are not functioning.  If you heater was working fine and you recently set the bed up, you may have installed the heat sensor too close to the heater pad.  It should be at least a foot or more away, regardless of what the directions say.  If the contacts are not functioning the heater could be getting old and the contacts are corroding and starting to stick.  You may be able to get by for some awhile by hitting the controller with a shoe to jar it and free the contacts, but your controller is probably due for replacement.

My heaters are solid state circuitry which makes them more efficient and less costly to run.  The have covered heat sensors rather than the bare metal kind.  It has a copper wire heating element in the pad instead of the cheap foil kind that wear and burn out ... or up!  It has a heavy duty cord from the pad to the control unit, reasonably easy dial to read and indicator light.  They are $59.95  

Most wood-frame waterbeds take full watt heaters (300+)

Soft-side waterbeds (the ones that look like regular mattresses) are usually shallower fill and take lower watt heaters.  My Strobel soft-side waterbeds are deep fill equal to a wood sided waterbed.  I had been using full watt heaters for years with them, but the company recently advised me to switch to the lower watt heater.  Both heaters cost the same.

Tube beds do not use heaters

If you do have a concern about money spent to heat your waterbed(s), contact me about water mattress zip-up covers.  I have one on my bed and I swear I rarely see my heater light on and my bed is always toasty warm.  They also really protect your mattress and add comfort.