The Evening Tribune August, 1891

Geo. Hubbard Laid to Rest.


   The funeral of our friend and townsman Geo. E. Hubbard was held at two o’clock yesterday and was very largely attended. Grand Haven Lodge 139 F. & A. M. of which Mr. Hubbard had long been a faithful active member, had charge of the funeral. The Masons numbering about 100 left the Hall promptly at 1:30 p. m. for the residence and accompanied the remains to the Presbyterian church where the Rev. J. H. Sammis delivered a timely and able sermon, speaking of the service their dead friend and brother had been to city, church and Lodge. After the service at the church the procession formed and led by the Grand Haven Band followed by Masons, Mayor and Common Council and a large number of friends in carriages passed down Franklin street and over the hill to the beautiful Lake Forest cemetery, where amidst flowers and evergreens they deposited their friend and brother in his last earthly resting place. The beautiful Masonic services at the grave was conducted by W. M. Finch assisted by the Masonic brothers.


   Common council - met August 1, 1891, at 7:30 p. m., with President Boyce in the chair. Present, Recorder, Aldermen Bryce, Boyce, Bos, DeGlopper, Nyland and Vaupell, Absent, the Mayor, Aldermen Kamhout and Thielman. Quorum present. President Boyce stated the objective of the meeting, whereupon Alderman Vaupell offered the following and moved its adoption:

   Another distinguished citizen has passed away. Last Sunday morning the telegraph wire came laden with the sad tidings of the death of George E. Hubbard. He died far from home,and wife, and children, and old friends still not friendless, for his qualities of head and hearts won friends everywhere. His death comes to all of us with startling distinctness, and with our Council chambers still draped in mourning we have just returned in sorrow from another open grave. "Truly death leaves a shining mark."

   George E. Hubbard has lived in our midst for thirty-five years. He was long prominent in business here. None ever knew him to do a dishonest act. His hand was open, his ear attentive to the call of suffering his heart was warm with sympathy for man, woman and child. The world is better because such men have lived. Three times he was elected to the highest place in our city government. for several years he represented his ward in the Council. He was a faithful, efficient officer. He did his duty as he saw it, fearlessly and well. "Taken in all he was a man." It is by the Common Council of the city of Grand Haven

   Resolved, 1st. That we mourn the death of our lamented friend and fellow citizen George E. Hubbard, and we tender to his afflicted family or sympathy in their great bereavement.

   2nd. That as a token of respect the Council attend the

   3d. That the Council chamber be draped in mourning for the space of thirty days.

   4th. That a copy of this preamble and resolution be spread at large upon the public records and that a certified copy be forwarded by the Recorder to the widow of the deceased.

   Seconded by Alderman Bryce and adopted by a voice of all Aldermen present.

   On motion of Alderman DeGlopper the Council adjourned.



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