Sand Hill City
Newspaper Article Index Pricing

Over the many years that I have been involved with Grand Haven history I have helped a number of persons  with their  projects and have charged nothing.  The joy and satisfaction of helping people and knowing that my years or research were useful to others was reward enough.  Occasionally some of those that I helped have given me money and others seem to want to somehow repay me.  I've often wondered too, if there are people that feel uncomfortable not paying someone to do work for them and have not approached me for help.  I've noticed too that requests for my research are increasing.  Some are seriously intent on gathering information for their projects and others are 'just curious.'  By establishing some sort of fair and reasonable pricing structure I hope to be able to determine those who need the help most and help me to fund the continuation of my work.

Article Location

This service provides the location of the article on the newspaper microfilm and is probably adequate for those who have access to the film (Loutit Library Grand Haven, MI / Library of Michigan Lansing, MI) and are at ease using the equipment.  I provide the day the article was published and often the page and column where it is located.   Most of these locations are accurate.  Occasionally they are in error and the article can be found in the proceeding or succeeding days newspaper. 

The actual process involves me going onto my master spread sheet and copying and pasting each article with reference onto the person's spreadsheet that I prepare for them, or post them to a private page on the SHC site. 

Article Retrieval

   Using this service I retrieve an actual microfilm printout of the article for you and send it on e-mail or snail mail, or both at no charge.  This method is probably more useful to those who do not have easy access, time or ability to search the microfilm and eliminates any problems with index errors. 

These types of service would cost $20 per hour / minimum charge $10.  A recent search of 36 articles took 3/4 of an hour to locate on my master spreadsheet and paste those article locations into an e-mail and would have cost $15 or roughly less than 50 cents per article.  Actual retrieval takes about 5 minutes per article.   Regardless, I am fair and reasonable about it and payment is voluntary.

Additional Services

   Over the years I have created a number of article compilations and related material which is available, including thousands of complete, digitalized articles from 1891-4.   I have and can type out articles digitally, including most types of formatting and related procedures.  This type of service will be priced out in a fair and reasonable manner similar to the above services.


   Ordering and payment can be conducted after I have sent a research report back to you.  Check or Pay Pal is fine.  I can also process credit cards through my retail business.