The Evening Tribune October, 1891

Law & Order


   The case of Dwight Cutler against the First National Bank of Ionia was finished yesterday in Ionia, though Judge Parson has not yet given his decision. In July of last year Wm. Steele of Ionia gave Mr. Cutler a $25,000 mortgage upon a large stock of farm near that city. The mortgage it is claimed was not put on record for 30 days and in that time the First National Bank of Ionia and the Grand Rapids Savings Bank also became Mr. Steele’s creditors, not knowing of the mortgage. Shortly after this came the failure of Mr. Steele and the two banks were left in the soup. Proceedings of settlement were filed claiming that the mortgage was not valid, but the Supreme Court held that the mortgage to be good. The case just finished was a chancery proceeding to foreclose the mortgage. Hon. Geo. A. Faar of this city and Mr. Nicole of Ionia held up the ends of Mr. Cutler, and the bank employed legal talent from Detroit and Grand Rapids.


   A burglar, or burglars, last night broke into W. C. Sheldon’s cottage at Highland Park, but left more than they carried away. They, he, she, or it secured a quantity of syrup to eat on some moldy bread, some of which they left in the house, and also a necktie, hairpin and a fancy button.

   Chas. Lutz of Milwaukee, d. & d. was given ten days in the tombs by Justice Pagelson this morning.


   Addie Douglas for being a disorderly person was sentenced by Judge Pagelson yesterday afternoon to the State Industrial School for girls at Adrian, until she 21 years of age, unless discharged.


   Thos. Curtis, was before Judge Pagelson this morning charged with being drunk and disorderly and was given 15 days in jail.


   Frank Bennett who was wanted at Grand Rapids for stealing silverware surrendered himself to Sheriff Vaupell yesterday. The sheriff of Kent county was notified and the deputy sheriff was sent over to get him.


   The case of Peter Fisher against Mike and Pat Welsh for assault, which was to have been tried before Judge Pagelson today was postponed for two weeks.


   Frank Fox and Rudy Austin were arraigned before Judge Pagelson yesterday on the charge of shooting the boy, Peter VanDorpel. They waived examination and were bound over to the circuit court.


   James Lusk and Lyman Cobb of Robinson were before Justice Pagelson this morning for stealing grapes from the vineyard of Walter Phillips of Peach Plains. In default of paying fine and costs they were given 20 days in jail.

   Ernest L. Ward was arrested and brought before Justice Pagelson yesterday charged with embezzling and selling mortgaged property in the town of Crockery. He waved examination and was bound over to Circuit court on $200 bail.


   Wallace Kennedy, living several miles up the river, was arrested and brought before Justice Pagelson yesterday, charged with the theft of a coat. The case was adjourned until next Tuesday.


   The case of Peter Fisher against Mike and Pat Welsh for assault which was to have been tried this morning, was dismissed by Justice Pagelson.

   The prosecutor saw fit to nolle pros. The case of the people vs. Patrick and Michael Walsh, before Chas. T. Pagelson this morning, for the reason that there was no evidence against them. This case has caused the Walsh boys a good deal of trouble and expense yet there is no redress. There is no question that some one assaulted Peter Fisher, and it is really too bad to have innocent persons brought before a court to stand the odium of such a charge, when there is no proof against them. They should be looked upon now, not as assaulters, but as innocent parties who have been arraigned by this unjust charge.


   Julius Kelber of Grand Haven township was arrested yesterday for criminal assault.

   The trial of Wallace Kennedy, of Lamont, for stealing a boat from parties in Polkton township, was held before Judge Pagelson this morning, and resulted in his being sentenced to 30 days in jail.