The Evening Tribune November, 1891

Law & Order


   The case against Julius Kolber of Grand Haven township for criminal assault has been bound over to Circuit Court.


   The suit of the Wiley water works vs. the City of Grand Haven has gone over this term of the Circuit Court.  In this suit Geo. A. Farr represents the city and Judge Howell of Detroit and Geo. W. McBride are attorneys for the works.


   Aloys Bilz of the village of Spring Lake offers $5 for the arrest and conviction of the parties who poisoned Dr. Newell’s dog, and $10 for leading to the conviction of the persons that poisoned a cow, turkeys and chickens belonging to Mr. Mersma.

    The Nunica stabbing affray of May 29th, Oscar Hunt and Bradley Taylor was the first case called in the Circuit Court and has occupied the time since and will probably not be disposed of for another day.  Prosecutor Danhof represents the people and Farr and Little the defense.


   Last night burglars gained an entrance into LaFebre & Meyer’s shoe store on Washington St., and carried away boxes of shoes valued at $25.  The drawers were all pulled out and goods evidently stolen from them also, but to what extent could not be estimated.  They left no clue.  The proprietors offer a reward of $10, on return of goods, and Sheriff Vaupell a reward of $25 for the arrest and conviction of the guilty parties.


   Justice Pagelson is employed as German interpreter in circuit court today.

   In the case of Bradley Taylor charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm on the person of Oscar Hunt at Nunica, May 29th, the jury last night brought in a verdict of guilty.


   The case of the people against Christopher Luther for illegal fishing which was to have been tried today has been discontinued.


   The Fox-Woodbury case which has been before Circuit Court for the past three days was brought to an end this morning, the jury declared $200 to the plaintiff.

     Henry VerHoeks, of Grand Haven, was arraigned in Justice O’Hara’s court this morning on a charge of larceny, the complainant being H. C. Bannings.  It is stated that Baninga bought a cow from VerHoeks for $35, paid $25 cash and was to pay the other when satisfied the cow suited.  The cow did not suit and VerHoeks did not call for the other $10, hence this action.  The case was adjourned until the 30th, bail being fixed at $300.  D. F. Hunton, a Grand Haven attorney, was here to look after the defendants interests.—Muskegon News.


   The case of the people against Carl Schroeder, of Grand Haven township, for assault and battery, which was to have been held before Justice Pagelson today, was thrown out on account of the non-appearance of the prosecuting attorney.


   Concerning his arrest by a Muskegon sheriff for larceny, on complaint of H. C. Baninga, Henry VerHoeks explains that he sold the cow for $35, guaranteeing her to give 17 quarts of milk and allowing Mr. Baninga to keep back $10 for one week as a guarantee that the cow was as represented.  On account of the illness of one of his children with scarlet fever, he failed to call before the week was up, and Mr. Baninga being dissatisfied with the cow caused his arrest.


   Supt. Cosgrove has placed Wiley water works in the court house and jail.


  Olof Hulverson drunk and disorderly arrested by Marshall Verhoef, was given 5 days by Justice Reynolds today.

   Thomas Higgins, for the theft of a pair of overshoes from the front of Juistema Bros. shoe store, was sentenced to 90 days in the Detroit House of Correction by Justice Pagelson Wednesday.

   City Marshall VerHoef of Grand Haven is likely to prove a dangerous rival to Ionia’s Old Sleuth sheriff.  A pair of rubbers were sneaked from the front of  a Grand Haven shoe store, and an hour later the marshal saw a man standing near the post office with a new pair of rubbers on his feet.  He promptly collared the chap, marched him to the shoe store and, sure enough, they were the stolen rubbers.―Grand Rapids Democrat.            


   One of the side show windows of Ruth Brower’s shoe store was broken by boys Saturday night.