Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 5, 1898


Little Boy Blue


   Little Henry Andre, son of Mr. Frank Andre, living on Columbus St., died yesterday forenoon after an illness of two weeks with stomach trouble.  The little fellow was a typical “Little Boy Blue,” one of the type of which Eugene Field so loved to write of.  Another house is sad and desolate, another place is vacant which can never be filled.  The babyish prattle will never be heard again and the bright, merry little Henry will be seen no more.  Sometimes his boyish fancies would drift away to thoughts and fields far remote for one of his age and there was something in the character of the bight little child that made him loved by all.  It is sad to realize that he is gone, the pride and joy of fond parents, and all in fact who knew him.  The little child will be sadly missed by a host of little playmates and his memory will be kept green for a long, long time by those who knew him.  Henry was five years and five months old at the time of his death.  The last sad rites will be performed at the family home at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.  Rev. Marcusse will conduct the services.