The Evening Tribune September, 1891



A Relic of Perry.

   An important relic of the war of 1812 has just been unearthed at Ferrysburg. It is the lower portion of the sloop Porcupine, one of the nine small vessels built by Commodore Perry on Lake Erie, and with which he achieved his great victory over the British squadron, known in American history as Perry’s victory. Perry’s nine vessels consisted of the Lawrence, his flag ship of 20 guns; the Caledonian, three guns; Schooner Ariel; four and two swivels; the sloops Trip, Tigress and Porcupine, one gun each.

   The Porcupine was taken to Detroit, where, in 1830, her upper decks were rebuilt and her name changed to Caroline. Eventually she was brought to Grand Haven and sailed by Capt. Harry Miller. In the early fifties she was set adrift in the Grand River near the mouth. The current carried her out into Lake Michigan, but a west wind blew her back after a day or two and she was refitted and sailed a season or two. Finally, about the year 1855, she was allowed to sink head on at Ferrysburg in front of where Johnston’s boiler works now stand, and where at present a portion of the timbers may be seen. Her remains will be taken from the water and properly cared for.—Grand Haven Correspondent, Grand Rapids Democrat.

   H. Bloecker & Co., will soon have ready for shipment two engines for their southern trade which has been steadily increasing of late, they go to Morgan City, Indiana, and Abeyville, L. The engine built by them for the fish tug just completed at Robinson’s ship yard will be tested Monday.


   Steam barge Alliminger went out with a load of pig iron this morning for Milwaukee.


   The schooner Hunter Savidge of Chicago arrived in port this morning.


   The steward of the Atlanta made such a good job with his breakfast yesterday morning, that by the time he reached the dock he saw her form fading away in the distance. He quickly behied himself to the C. & W. M. depot and came out first best in the race to the "Sawdust City."


   The steamer Joe was taken off the Holland and Ottawa Beach route yesterday, and cleaned boiler at the water works yesterday. The tugs Frank Edwards, Emma Bloecker and Chas. Auger also cleaned boilers yesterday and today.


   The barge E. O. Parks came in last night towing the schooner City of Grand Rapids. She laid here about an hour and then went out again.

  The steamer Atlanta was detained at Chicago until 2 o’clock a. m. Sunday, caused by a breakage in some of the machinery being repaired.


A heavy sea caused the Lizzie Walsh, of Holland, Capt. Arie Woltman, with a cargo of fruit for Manistee, to run into our harbor early this morning where she has remained all day.


   The government supply boat Hancock is in port today.


   Michael Welsh, brother of John Welsh of this city, and well known here, was drown while in an epileptic fit in Muskegon early Wednesday morning. Mr. Welsh was engineer of "Col. Ferry" of Muskegon, and has been engineer on the lakes for the past twenty years.

   Duncan Robertson & Co. have just finished building for Daniel Garlick one of the finest fishing smacks on the lake. Her dimensions are: length 28 ft., width 8 feet 2 inch, keel 24 feet, and 5 ft. depth of hold. Capacity 25 tons. Mr. Garlick, while in Chicago, purchased a fishing outfit costing $1,000.


   A notable and very important addition to lake navigation, another season will be a daily C. & W. M. line of passenger and freight boats from this city to Chicago and probably to Milwaukee. This new project is an important one to our city, and is occasioned y the unavailability oh Holland as a harbor, it is on this account, being impossible to resume the line from that city another year with profit.


   The tug Meister cleaned boilers this afternoon.

   The tug Sill brought in a scow last night to be loaded with gravel, the Stickney taking her up the river to the gravel beds. The Sill also brought a scow load of gravel to Muskegon.


   The Philetus Sawyer is unloading stones at the north pier.


   The Atlanta did not attempt to go to Muskegon this morning on account of heavy seas.


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