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Waterbed Mattresses

Free Flow      Wave Reduced      Specialty

   All of the mattresses I sell are American Made and 'box-lapped,' which means that they are constructed so as to fill all the way out to the sides of the frame without that 'roundy' edge and gap between the top half of the mattress and the wood.  A box-lapped mattress feels like you are sleeping on a water 'mattress,' instead of a bag of water.  Mattresses that are not box-lapped and have those roundy edges are slightly higher in the middle and taper down out to the sides, which creates a 'domed' sleeping surface and cause a person to 'swim around' in a sense on that domed surface trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.  A box-lapped mattress allows you to have a comfortable sleep on any part of it's surface.  It also causes the corners to be more square so that your sheets stay on better.

   Mattresses that are not box-lapped cost less to manufacture, usually are of thinner (17-20 mil), less quality vinyl and weaker seamed than the thicker (22-25 mil), better quality vinyl and more strongly seamed box-lapped mattresses.  Mattresses that are not box-lapped are designed to meet a low price point and are usually made in countries with very cheap labor such as Mexico, Taiwan or China.   These mattresses continue their low price point right up into the more expensive wave-reduce mattresses, so that they can beat a top of the line super waveless by almost $100, but still have that same dome-like uncomfortable sleep as their $39.95 free-flow.

   All of my wave-reduced mattresses above the semi-calm do have lumbar support, although they can be ordered without.  Lumbar support means that the various layers of wave reduction element are thicker in area of the mattress where your  back and shoulders lay, allowing you to scoot up or down on the mattress a bit to find just the right fit for your spinal column. 

   My mattresses also include such features as:  Feather-Topping Tethered Fiber Layers ∙  Corner Reinforcement ∙  Heat Conducive Bottoms 25 mil Virgin Vinyl Fill Kit ∙ Conditioner ∙ Patch Kit ∙ Free Stand-Up Liner W/Wave Reduced Mattresses ∙ Discounted Liner W/Free-Flows ∙   Advice/Directions on How to Install, Care For, Drain, Move and Store Your Mattress.

   I have very few problems with my mattresses, however, they do have what is called a  'Lifetime Guarantee'  with a 5-Year direct exchange, which is tops in the industry that I deal with through my store.

   I'm always happy to answer questions and help in any way that I can.  I also drain, take down, transport and set up waterbeds.