Great Lakes Surfing Association

Dog Day Reunion 10/3/07

  1.  Beautiful fall day at the Rockpile   2.  Surfers in the lineup waiting for waves.  
  3.  Here comes a set!   4.  Couple of guys goin' for it.  
  5.  One guy gets it.   6.  Cool!  A cover-up!  
  7.  Small day, but sunshine and OK water.   8.  Matt Smolenski is a Rockpile Master!  

9.  Getting my picture with Shell-B, the rescued dog and owner.

  10.  This is where Shell-B was washed off.  
  10.  Matt reunited with the dog he saved.  

11.  Matt celebrates the reunion with doggy-dive off pier!


12.  Instead of standing up Matt shows off the new Shell-B manuever.

  13.  Matt perfecting the Shell-B stance!  
  14.  Getting late.   15.  Time to head for home.