The Grand Rapids Press  September 30, 1980



Walking out on the pier to cast off into the lake saved a long swim out for the hardy participants in the First Annual Lake Michigan Surf Classic.

Michigan Surf!

    The setting had all the trappings of a sunny California beach — blond-haired guys with ruddy tans, surfboards mounted on cars and Beach Boys “oldies” blaring from a tape deck.

    The only difference was the girls.  There was not a bikini in sight as they were bundled up in coats, trying to keep warm against the chilling wind blowing off Lake Michigan.

    The surf was up Saturday at Grand Haven State Park as 28 surfers took to the 4-6-foot waves in the Grand Haven First Annual Lake Michigan Surf Classic.  Wet suits were standard equipment for the hardy group which braved 48-degree water and winds up to 25 mph.

    After all the rocking and rolling, skimming and wiping out was over, the winner was Jack Robinson.  Steve White came in second, Bill Pushaw, third, and Kurt Hoffman, fourth.

    The event was sponsored by Boland’s Sun and Surfwear, Tip-A-Few Tavern and Woodmark’s Sound Center, all of Grand Haven.

Wet-suited as were the others, winner Jack Robinson appears to be well in command.

Joe White seems to be having second thoughts about his tumultuous ride through the icy surf.

With the Grand Haven south pier as a backdrop, Phil Murphy rides his surfboard over the white-capped rollers toward the beach.