The Evening Tribune September, 1891

Talked Politics and Navigation.


   "People down our way are unmistakable for Thomas W. Ferry for congressman in the fifth district," said George W. McBride in the Morton yesterday. "While I am an intense party man, I believe in mixing a little business with politics and placing business capacity along side political availability in the selection of congressional candidate. Tom Ferry knows the ins and outs of politics and public business, as well as any man I know and would represent this district with great credit to himself, his party and his district if elected," "What is the Democratic choice in Ottawa?" "At a delegate convention, as you know, just held there, an unmistakable preference was expressed for the Hon. George F. Richardson. I know him well and have known him for twenty years. He is a fine fellow.

   Capt. McBride then turned his attention and remarks away from politics and said: "I am earnestly interested in this project of dredging Grand River. I think the work is entirely feasible, and should be done as speedily as possible. It will require, I understand, close to $1,000,000 to do it, but the commercial interests in this city alone, with its annual output of $25,000,000 in manufactured products, would justify that expenditure and pay a good profit on the investment. We, at Grand Haven, are interested in it and want to see it through. You may say, continued Mr. McBride, "that I am unofficially informed, through those in position to know, that Colonel Ludlow, United States engineer in charge of this territory, has said that in his forthcoming annual report he will recommend such work upon the channel of Grand River as will result in producing a permanent waterway from Grand Rapids to the lake, ten feet in depth and of sufficient width for vessels to pass at any point,"—Grand Rapids Democrat.


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