The Grand River Times, July, 1851


Advantages of Newaygo County

   We learn by two gentlemen that have been exploring the county North and East of this, even to the headwaters of the Muskegon river, that the county of Newaygo is settling fast, and that, in this new country, (where three years ago the whole population consisted of one hundred lumbermen confined to the line of the river in their operations), they now estimate the population at about eight hundred. The new settlers must be mostly farmers, from the fact, they found, within ten miles of Newaygo County Seat, 350 acres of wheat now being harvested—all of the very best quality, and a heavy crop. Within the same space there is at least 1600 acres of corn growing upon the ground all looking very fine, with a sufficiency of oats, potatoes, etc., to supply all lumbermen that want food for men and teams.

   The county of Newaygo richest country in the state—one half of it covered with best of pine timber, the balance the best of farming land, a great amount of the best water power the world can produce is found within the limits of this county. It opens to settlers and capitalists the most sure guaranty of an ample reward for any labor that may be performed, or for capital that may be invested there.

  The county site of Newaygo we understand is wisely and handsomely located at the rapids of Muskegon River where much has been done already by way of improvement. To those desirous of procuring good farms or embarking in the lumber business we commend them to Newaygo county.