The Evening Tribune July, 1891

Sports & Recreation


   A 10½ pound fish now to beat in the contest for J. Brandstettler’s prize.

  The races at Grand Rapids this week are attracting a good many of the horsemen from this city.


   The base ball salt has lost its flavor.

  There are as many fish in the lakes as there were before some of our representative "feller citizens" went fishing the other day.

Grand Rapids Races.

   About 2,000 people saw the races yesterday over a dusty track. The favorites in all but one race won easily.

   In the 3:00 trot Prodigal was a hot favorite and won as he pleased in three straight heats, best time 2:29¼, Shiony second, Bassora third.

   In the 2:33 pace, Direct, with a trotting record of 2:18; was the favorite. Maggie McDowell took the heat, which looked bad for favorite. He went to the front, however, in the next three heats and won easily, and as if he thought he could have done 2:18 in a pace, if necessary. Best time 2:26¼, Maggie McDowell second, Richard third.

   Simon and Lilly’s horse C. O. D., surprised the three-year-old colts. He won without trouble both heats, best time 2:36, Brounal second, Mounis third, Charley Ellis, the favorite, barely saved his distance.

   In the half-mile dash Charley Russell won in 1:40. Little Charley second, Ivanhoe third, Jim Mckinney fourth.

   The Muskegon Life has this to say about the celebrated horse Frank Rysdyke, owned by D. A. Ainsworth, of Spring Lake: "Frank Rysdyke succeeded in establishing for himself the reputation of being a promising trotter. He has good trotting qualities in him, and towards fall, if kept in training, will undoubtedly make an astonishing record.


   Geo. D. Sanford jr. caught a black bass that weighed almost two pounds last night. The young man is evidently working for Brandstetter’s or Lane’s prize.


   Peter Howe and Will Rose caught a tubful of fish yesterday.

   Bicycling is not a whim of fashion by any means. It affords an opportunity to many who could not otherwise engage in athletic exercise a desirable health producing enjoyment. Cycling in this city among other recreation is sadly in the minority. There are, however, a few riders. Bert Mansfield is getting to be a good rider and skims along on his elegant new victor in a way that induces one to believe that he is getting lots of enjoyment out of it. The Messrs. Kirby ride safeties and Dwight Sheldon an ordinary. Masters Joe Kirby and and Claude VanderVeen also ride safeties.


   P. Rosback, J. Palmer, Buckley, B. Pellgrome, F. Harvey, A. Fisher, Chas. Christmas, Wm. Thielman, Mr. Kamhout and others will go up the river tomorrow to Clark’s farm near Millhouse bayou to build a dock shanty preparatory for the September shooting season.


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