The Evening Tribune September, 1891

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   This is September 1st and the duck shooter is in his glory and his tall rubber boots.


   The largest black bass of the season was caught by J. Brandstettler this morning and weighed 4 ¼ pounds. He got a pair of them the two weighing 6 ¾ pounds.


   At the Independence, Iowa, track yesterday, Direct, paced a mile in 2:06, thus beating the world record for stallion pacers. Allerton, the same day trotted a mile in 2:10.

   In the game between the Grand Haven Juniors and the Spring Lake Juniors yesterday. The Grand Haven boys won by a score of 86 to 29. The feature of the game was the heavy batting by Grand Haven. Nearly all the runs by the Spring Lakers came in on errors. The batteries were Spring Lake, Cook and Northouse; Grand Haven, Scott and Dennis.


   It is said that there are two hunters for every duck on the Grand river flats. This isn’t giving the bird a fair show.

   Fishing is excellent in our harbor. Derk Bottje gathered in as fine a string of perch this morning as we have seen this season.


   At Sturgis yesterday, Thomas Savidge’s three-year-old colt, George St. Clare, won his race in two straight heats and got the lowest, second ever obtained by a three-year-old in Michigan. Time 2:20 ¼ - 2:21 ¼.


   Mr. Pryor, with a party of five fishermen, caught 165 pounds of bass in Spring Lake waters one day this week. In the string was twenty-six black bass, forty-one pounds white bass and the rest speckled bass. This is the largest string of fish we ever heard of being caught here at one catch.


   D. A. Lane’s base ball nine beat Tom Hart’s nine by a score of 49 to __ this afternoon.

   Four of Muskegon’s crack shots have returned from a week’s hunt along the Manistee river with 265 ducks. They claim it was not a good week for ducks either.


   Hon. Thos. Savidge is the owner of a very valuable three-year-old colt named Geo.Sinclair [Geo. St. Clair]. We hear today that this colt made his mile trotting in 2:21½ at Sturgis yesterday. This is very fast time for a three-year-old and especially one that has not been on the course but a few weeks. Forty years ago 2:19¼ was the fastest time on record, if we remember rightly.


   John Juistema, of Juistema Bros., popular boot and shoe men, G. A. Bottje, the hardware man, John M. Cook, the grocery man, Albert Juistema, the "excelsior shoe store" man, Pete Ball and Pete Bottje, have gone up the Grand to get all the ducks and other game that the law will allow them to take.

   G. A. Bottje, the hardware man, John M. Cook, the grocery man, Albert Juistema, the "excelsior shoe store" man, Pete Ball and Pete Bottje, have gone up the Grand to get all the ducks and other game that the law will allow them to take.


   A large number of people from this city are taking in the fairs at Grand Rapids today. The West Michigan Fair offers a double attraction today in that the great Nelson will make an attempt to break his record of 2:10.


   The great trotting stallion Nelson trotted a mile in 2:10 flat at the West Michigan Fair grounds in Grand Rapids yesterday, thereby equaling the world’s stallion record made by Allerton at the Independence, Ia., track a month ago. This places the new West Michigan track among the best in the country, and the managers are already figuring for a great trotting meet next spring.


A Challenge.

   I will agree to meet any three-year-old stallion on earth with the colt Geo. St. Clair, owned upon Floral Stock Farm, Spring Lake, Mich. The race to take place on the West Michigan track, Grand Rapids, on or before October 10th, and the opposing horse to come to the wire under the same circumstances as St. Clair. Address all communications to Thos. Savidge, Floral Stock Farm, Spring Lake, Mich.


   A race between Nelson and Allerton may yet take place, as C. W. Williams, the owner of Allerton, has partly agreed, if a purse of $10,000 to winner and $5,000 is put up.


   The race between Allerton and Nelson will take place in Grand Rapids, Oct. 8th. Allerton beat the stallion record to wagon yesterday by five seconds, making the mile in 2:20.


   A nine from Muskegon came down and played a nine from this city at the pest house grounds yesterday. Muskegon, as usual, wasn’t in it at all, being defeated by a score of 20-7.

   The Heroes of Muskegon and a pick-up nine from this city played a game at the pest house grounds Saturday. The Heroes were beaten by a score of 16-6.


   Grand Rapid is enlarging its grand stand accommodations 5,000 seats in anticipation of the great Allerton-Nelson race next week


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