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   Technology has changed how, where and when they surf.  Surfboard materials, design and innovation has created an ever increasing array of lighter, more maneuverable and durable, which benefited the long board which has returned with great popularity.   Surfboard shapers / builders have set up shop on the lakes to provide boards designed specially for the lakes.  Wet suit improvements have made winter surfing almost as practical and comfortable as the warmer months.   Self-heating wetsuits are on the horizon. 
   The Internet has opened up a whole new window to surf forecasting whereby a surfer can access wind and wave data off mid-lake weather buoys.  Grand Haven has beach cams on both the north and south shores so surfers can see for themselves exactly how the waves are breaking.  Surfers can view remote coastal areas previously unexplored for good surf with detailed geo-satellite images They can meet, trade information and post pictures on the on-line surf forums.   Cell phones and accompanying images allow surfers to give real time on-the-spot surf reports to fellow surfers.
   Regardless of technology, surfers at Grand Haven and elsewhere on the lakes still have the same enthusiasm and spirit for surfing, caring for the lake's environment and for shoreline safety, as they always have, and will most likely do so into the future.

   “The Great Lakes are really freshwater seas, there’s something about being able to surf in your home area that makes all those flat spells worth the wait.”  Dave Irwin  1987


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