The Evening Tribune August, 1891

Work of Scoundrels.


   The barn of George Aiken on Peach Plains was burned early this morning. Tracks around the premises show conclusively that it was the work of incendiaries. Mr. Aiken tracked them to the road and they appeared to come towards the city.

   Twelve hogs and about a hundred chickens were burned, together with farming machinery, hay and grain. The only things saved were two wagons and the horses.

   Insurance on the barn is about $100, which is but small compared to the loss.

   The villains evidently intended to burn everything as it was started near the manger. If caught they should be given the full penalty of the law.


   Geo. Aikenís serious loss in the burning of his barn has been in a great deal lessened by the generosity of Mayor Cutler, who has given him enough lumber to build a new one, and also given him a new set of harness for his horse. The lumber will be drawn by Mr. Cutlerís teams also without charge.


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