Grand Haven Tribune  October 22, 1986


Big splash for GH




GRAND HAVEN – Surf’s up on the Great Lakes for wet-suited Midwesterner.


GH featured


‘A Day in the Life of America’


   “A Day in the Life of America,” a 272 page photographic saga of the United States, has included Grand Haven as one of its “visual time capsules of everyday life.”

   The Oct. 27 edition of “Newsweek” presents a small selection of the more than 200,000 photographs taken during a 24 hour period on May 2 and Grand Haven is highlighted on page 48 as one of the many stops across the nation.

   The project is not the first of its kind, however, reported “Newsweek.”

   “Day in the Life” books have focused on Canada, Hawaii, Japan, and Australia, and the $5 million American project, it adds, “operated on a far more ambitious scale, with a support staff of 50 assignment coordinators, logistic experts and editors.”

   Jack Smant, executive director of ACI, said, “It is a tremendous public relations coup for our area that money can’t buy.  It strengthens our ability to attract people and business.”


  “IN OUR economic development effort we can point to this national publicity,” he added.  “The key to planning for future growth is to be selective.  We don’t want to lose our natural attributes and resources.”

   Mayor Marge Boon said although she has not seen the “Newsweek” article, she has gotten comments about it and she thinks its just super.  She added that she plans to send a copy of the magazine to the Grand Haven Coast Guard because she noted that “it seems ‘Newsweek’ loves our catwalk.”

   “Whoever was responsible for choosing Grand Haven as a site, certainly has good taste,” she added.  “They’ve promoted our city themselves, and we think that’s great.”