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Surf Rescue Team Apparel Proposals

Submitted by Bob Beaton 4/18/08



Submitted by Bob Beaton 4/3/08

All of these items can be tweaked for logo size, design, position, color or whatever at no extra cost.  I'd like to see us standardize the logo though.  Then we select whatever we want individually as far as item color schemes and other items available that have yet to be designed.   There are a number of selections from various companies, each company doing better at one thing than the other.  Let me know as soon as possible your opinions/input as I am anxious to get started on it!  -doc




Submitted by Bob Beaton 2/26/08

Below are two prototypes for the GLSA SURF RESCUE logo.  The first was one submitted here on 1/11/08 and sent to longtime Great Lakes surfer Kurt Pfister's Kurts Kustom Graphic Department.  The second logo is a proposition by them


   We are trying not to make it too much like the typical police/safety department patch logo so as not to infer that we are any type of official safety agency responsible for any particular beach/pier area.

   This logo would likely be applied to the front of a baseball style cap, pocket on a T or polo shirt or even enlarged to be used on the rescue craft, flag or banner.