The Grand River Times, August, 1851

Thief Recaptured.


   Anson Lyman who was convicted of larceny by Justice MILLER, of Grand Rapids, on the 20th of July last, and made his escape from the officer on his way to jail with good and heavy irons on him, was arrested here last week by Z. G. WINSOR Esq., who rightly constituted himself an officer and "vowed," not swore, (Zenas never swears,) that the law, and its sentence should be duly executed upon the consummate and incorrigible thief of male and female under clothing. It proved upon his second arrest, that he had not more than got himself clear from his irons, with the aid of a friend, (who, we understand is already known, and we believe would do well to run away) before Lyman commenced his business of stealing shits andó, (we were about to write the other word but modesty forbids) boots and shoes, watches, knives, and anything he could lift. He had a proneness to steal, and we thing when all the facts are brought out, that Judge HARRIS will not hesitate to send him up for five or seven and a day.


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