The Evening Tribune September, 1891

Virginia vs. City of Milwaukee.



   Last Saturday evening the steamer "City of Milwaukee" beat the Goodrich steamer "Virginia" in a race from Racine to Chicago, thus settling all disputes about the speed of the two vessels. The Virginia was beaten 40 minutes on a 61 mile course.


"The Evening Tribune,"
   We notice in your paper of September 1st, an article referring to a race between the City of Milwaukee and the Virginia of this line. This is the first we have heard of it. We wish to say that the City of Milwaukee made the best time she ever made when we owned her, and that was when she was new. Her best time was 17 miles per hour under the most favorable circumstances. She ran from Milwaukee to Chicago in 4 hours and 55 minutes. The Virginia has run from Chicago to Milwaukee in 4 hours and 40 minutes, with natural draft. Her best time from Racine to Milwaukee, a distance of 25 miles in one hour and 17 minutes. When the Virginia leaves Racine at night coming South, the Engineers have been instructed to use only one boiler. Under these circumstances she makes 12 miles per hour, consequently if the city of Milwaukee would have been in company with her at that time it would have been a very easy matter for her to run away from the Virginia. But it is an utter impossibility for her to do so if they were in company in the daytime, as the Virginia's average time is 17 ˝ miles per hour, without any crowding. Will you kindly correct your article of Sept. 1st.

Yours Respectfully,




   In your issue of Sept. 4th, I notice an article relative to a race between the City of Milwaukee and Propeller Virginia. On the morning of August 30th, the steamer City of Milwaukee left Milwaukee at 10:45 and arrived in Chicago at 4:45, making the run in six hours, one hour over the usual time. At twelve o’clock when relieved by second engineer, I gave orders to carry low steam as we did not wish to arrive in Chicago before five in the morning. Please correct this, as I was not aware of any such reports about a race between the two boats, and oblige,

                                                   B. L. BARRON,
Chief Engineer of City of Milwaukee.


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