Grand Haven Daily Tribune  March 18, 1907


Mrs. D. C. Wachs.


   In the death of Mrs. D. C. Wachs, who died suddenly at her home on Seventh street Saturday, Grand Haven loses one of its noble woman.  Sweet and unassuming in manner, even retiring, her goodness, her kind heart has never the less made its influence felt among those who knew her.  Mrs. Wachs was a woman whom anyone would be proud to know, and the little world which saw her quiet daily life was drawn to her in utter devotion.  She was one of those rare woman whom pain, trouble, misfortune, sorrow and disappointment make the sweeter.  Mrs. Wachs has had her share of adversity, but no one ever saw her other than cheery, ready to fall to and help lift up some one less fortunate.  She was one who deserved all the good things of the world.  In simple, she was an ideal helpmate, and with her has gone out the light of her husband’s life.  Mr. Wach has been in ill health, broken and dismayed in spirit, but in his home he has always found someone to cheer and encourage him in his unequal struggle.  Mrs. Wachs has been a resident of the vicinity for many years, and during those years she has created friendships that have been ever enduring.  Especially among the young people was she loved and honored.  The young, were always about her.  Mrs. Wachs was a one time a newspaper woman, bright business like and full of energy.  She assisted her husband D. C. Wachs, while he was proprietor of the Ionia Express and later the Grand Haven Evening Express.  Earlier in her life back in Ohio, she was a school teacher and among her pupils was James J. Jeffries, the present champion pugilist of the world.  Mrs. Wachs often spoke of the boy and her remembrance of him during his school days.  Not many years ago she heard from him and the great athlete in the zenith of his wealth and power, had evidently not forgotten the little woman who taught him the rule of three back in the old days in Ohio.  Mrs. Wachs was born in Ohio, October 28, 1836, and her death is survived by her husband, D. C. Wachs, justice of the peace in this city.  The funeral will be tomorrow with services at the home at two o’clock in the afternoon.  The Rev. Wilson of the Methodist church officiating.  The following will bear her remains to their last resting place in Lake Forest:  Henry Walker, J. J. Bolt, Richard Bolt, Jacob Gierum, Edward W. F. Moll and Gerrit Boynton.