Grand Haven Daily Tribune  July 6, 1900


An April Sunset.


While walking o’er the sandy dunes.

Which overlook our lovely lake;

The birds were singing their sweet tunes,

And oh, what music they did make!

The waves had ceased their sullen roar.

A fine spring day was almost done;

When o’er that glassing, liquid floor,

Streamed the bright tresses of the Sun!


The lapping waves seemed half asleep—

Long, lazy clouds hung o’er the way;

While on the burnished, gleaming deep,

A gorgeous April sunset lay!

That orb hung like shield of gold,

A mighty sphere of blazing light;

‘Till, down his pathway, old,

He grandly sunk out of sight!


When all those blushing glories burned,

And to a deeper crimson grew;

When all that flaming beauty turned,

Into a splendid sapphire hue;

The fleecy, feathery clouds of night,

Were edged, and flecked with rosy dyes;

And looked like islands, fair and bright,

Floating upon the azure skies!


If we, upon this fleeting shore,

Can gaze on such resplendent skies;

What shall we see when time is o’er,

And Eden’s splendors greet our eyes?

From what high battlement of heaven,

Can we obtain a fairer sight,

Than this, which has to me been given

Upon these sandy dunes tonight?


What brighter scenes should we behold,

Than those now gleaming in the west?

What fairer clouds of down and gold.

Than those above that couch of rest?

And what more brilliant fleece of light,

Stretches across the “Jasper Sea”?

What brighter views are seen tonight,

In all God’s grand eternity?


Grand Haven, Mich.

Arbor Day April, 1900.

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