Poems by David Fletcher Hunton


Date Published
in Tribune
Unless Otherwise Noted

  An Angel at the Door  August 20, 1868
The Grand Haven News
Mourning the loss of friends  
  The Avalanche of Death  Published by the S. Brainard's Sons Co., 1889 The Johnstown Flood disaster of 1889  
  Lines (Blanche Loutit)  September 26, 1894 Written upon the death of little Blanche Loutit  
  Lines (Frank Cairns / Frank Palmer) March 13, 1895 In memory of Frank Cairns and Frank Palmer  
  Lines (Marian Lilley)  May 5, 1895 In remembrance of infant daughter of Chas. H. Lilley  
  Lines (Abram Fisher)  October 2, 1895 In memory of Abram Fisher  
  Lines (Clara Vyn)  November 9, 1895 In remembrance of Clara Vyn  
  The Old Arm Chair  May 11, 1896 David Hunton's early childhood  
The Sunflower  August 13, 1896 Admiration of the sunflower
  Lines (T. W. Ferry) October 20, 1896 Written upon the death of Ex-United States
Senator Thomas-White Ferry
  Christmas Song  December 24, 1896 Story of Nativity scene  
  Sunset at Lake Michigan May 22, 1897

At the wreck of the Alpena

  We Shall Meet   September 1, 1897 The reunion of of loved ones in afterlife  
  The Wreck of the Alpena October 15, 1897 The passenger ship Alpena founders on Lake Michigan  
  The Closing Scene  January 4, 1898 The finality of time  
  Crossing the Lake  January 28, 1898 Crossing Stormy Lake Michigan  
  Memory’s Picture  February 2, 1898 D. F. Hunton's New Hampshire birthplace  
  The Wreck of the Akeley   February 11, 1898 Steam barge Akeley founders on Lake Michigan  
  The Snow Storm   February 15, 1898 The Hunton home after a snow storm  
  Soul-Drifting  February 16, 1898 Life as a ship voyage  
  The Omniscient God  March 12, 1898 Seeing God in nature  
  A Husband’s Farewell   March 22, 1898 Goodby to a wife  
  Have Faith, and Struggle On   April 7, 1898 A lesson in perseverance  
  In Memory of Little Henry Andre  April 9, 1898 Condolence to Grand Haven family  
  Death  April 14, 1898 Death as a passage to a better life  
  Lines, (Hilyer Brewer)   April 23, 1898 Death of Grand Haven boy  
  Remember Maine April 26, 1898 Loss of battleship Maine rallies American troops in Spanish American War   .   
  It Cost So Little   May 4, 1898 Treating people with kindness  
  Fighting for Cuba  May 10, 1898 Rallying support for America's war with Spain  
  Old Glory  May 24, 1898 Our flag and America's war with Spain  
  Yankee Dewey June 1, 1898 Americans sink Spanish fleet and capture Manila in Spanish American War.  
  The Thing is Done July 7, 1898 The sinking of the Spanish fleet off Cuba in the Spanish American War.  
  There’ll Be a Hot Time  August 3, 1898 Urging an American capture of Havana in Spanish American War.  
  The Michigan Volunteer  August 9, 1898 Capt. Edward Andres and Grand Haven's Co. F leaves for the Spanish American War  
  The Contrast  August 23, 1898 Reflecting on youth  
  Lines (Death of Marguerite Johnstone)  August 29, 1898 In memory of a Grand Haven girl  
  Lines (Death of Freddie Cosgrove) November 27, 1899 Written on the death of a 13-year old Grand Haven boy from heart disease  
  I Love Thee, O My Country February 16, 1900 Patriotism / American military achievement    
  Lines (Death of Jeannette Ferry Hancock) NEW! April 5, 1900 In memory of a Grand Haven girl  
  Spring is Here  May 10, 1900 The arrival of spring  
  An April Sunset July 6, 1900 Description of a sunset on Lake Michigan from the sand dunes at Grand Haven  
  The Old Family Bible July 14, 1900 The value and significance of the family bible  
  Our God Hath Led Us On July 20, 1900 God is on our side / American expansionism  
  Come September 24, 1900 Prayer / Jesus as our savior  
  The Dying Veteran October 19, 1900 The death of an old military scout  
  When Mac and Teddy Have Won the Day October 24, 1900 McKinley / Roosevelt presidential campaign  
  Michigan’s Closing Campaign Song  November 3, 1900

McKinley/Roosevelt presidential campaign

  At Last December 1, 1900 Death of David Hinton's wife  
  Song for the Old Year December 31, 1900 Goodbye to the year 1900  
  Victoria  January 27, 1901 Written upon the death of Queen Victoria  
  Paul at Damascus  February 2, 1901 Biblical story of St. Paul  
  Washington   February 22, 1901 Honoring George Washington on his birthday  
  My Mother   March 13, 1901 David Hunton loved his mother  

Lines, in Tender Memory
of Lynn D. Turner

March 27, 1901 Burial of Grand Haven boy  
  A Greeting to Spring  May 1, 1901 Description of Springtime  
  Hallowed Be Thy Name May 9, 1901 God and the four seasons of the year  

He Shall Give His Angels Charge
Over Thee―Bible.

May 21, 1901 God created man and protects him  
  Love of Country  June 8, 1901 How America was won in battle  
  My Wish for Thee    July 29, 1901 Best wishes in the afterlife  
  Do You Know?  August 12, 1901 How an angel keeps record on us  
  Memorial Poem, William McKinley. September 19, 1901 Death of President McKinley  
  Somewhere, Sometime, and Some Day September 30, 1901 The day of final resurrection  
  Morning, Noon and Night  December 4, 1901 A day on the Lake Michigan shore  
  Christmas Bells  December 27, 1901 The joy of Christmas  

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

January 14, 1902 Bedtime prayer with mother  
  When My Frail Bark  February 15, 1902 Meeting loved ones in afterlife.  
  The Light of Eastertide  March 26, 1902 The meaning of Easter  
  Beauty  May 16, 1902 Beauty of nature on Lake Michigan shoreline  
  Words and Deeds  June 7, 1902 The effect of what we say and do  
  Impromptu Lines  June 24, 1902 Pinned with a flower  
  Brave Wolf (Author Unknown)  September 23, 1902 Gen. Wolfe at the Battle of Quebec 1859 (submitted by D. F. Hunton)  
  A Birthday Reverie  February 2, 1903 Thinking of mother on his birthday  
  In the Long Ago  February 9, 1903 Remembering a former wife  
  Flowers  May 22, 1903 An appreciation of flowers  
  A Humble Tribute (Mary McMillan)  August 8, 1903 Mrs. Mary McMillan remembered  
  If We Knew  October 1, 1903 Knowing others through their faults  
  The Chapel by the Brook  October 1, 1903 Reminiscing old place of worship  
  Helping Mother  December 11, 1903 Telling daughter to help mother  
  Lines (Margarette Davis) December 21, 1903 In Memory of Margarette Davis  
  Sweetly Sleeping   February 9, 1904 Remembering a beautiful girl.  
  Dreams of Springtime  April 25, 1904 Springtime on Lake Michigan shoreline  
  If You Love Her, Tell Her So  June 14, 1904 Advice for husbands  
  My Wife and I Together  July 26, 1904 New wife and home  
  Washington’s Birthday  February 22, 1906 Tribute to George Washington  
  Lines (Esther Hoyt)  June 6, 1906 In memory of wife of Hon. Chas. K. Hoyt  
  Waiting for Spring  October 13, 1906 Description of Spring  
  A Tribute to Mrs. Charlotte S. Wachs April 8, 1907 Death of Charlotte Wachs     
  When Diekema's Won the Day  April 26, 1907 Endorsement of a Michigan Congressman  
To Spring  May 4, 1908 Greeting spring
Autumn  October 28, 1909 A Grand Haven autumn
A Humble Tribute November 13, 1909 Remembering Mrs. W. H. Loutit
Those Dear New Hampshire Hills  August 12, 1910 Remembering New Hampshire hills
A Farewell To Summer   October 22, 1910 Appreciating Summer
Because He First Loved Me!  July 1, 1911 God's love for the individaul
The Coming Spring  April 26, 1912 Anticipating Spring
The Doom of the Gigantic Titanic  May 2, 1912 Sinking of the Titanic
  Sugar River August 28, 1912 Description of Sugar River in New Hampshire  
  A Song for the Passing of the Old Year January 8, 1914 Farewell to 1913  
  A. D. 1913      
  Seeing God  December 6, 1915 Seeing God in nature  

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