Grand Haven Daily Tribune  March 12, 1898


The Omniscient God.


He moves the chariot wheels of night,

And guides the constellations there;

The whole creation’s in his sight—

No single thing escapes his care.

We not need to look into the skies,

To see His glory, and His power;

We may perceive Him in the eyes

Of winged insects, any hour!


And He has made the wond’rous band.

With which the spider takes her prey;

He plants the flowers in every land,

And clothes them in their bright array;

The worm, that crawls in yonder shade,

Is not forgotten in the crowd,

For He a subtle loom has made,

In which to weave its silken shroud.


He notices the birds—we know—

He tunes their voices, when they sing,

And he has placed a dynamo,

Beneath the fire-fly’s gauzy wing.

In every little ripened seed,

A living principle is lain;

A promise—that it shall be freed

Within the soil, and lives again.

This budding and progressive strife,

Is emblematic of our trend;

It reaches to another life—

A better, and a grander end!


The seasons of the rolling year,

Are full of the Omniscient God!

His force divine, to these, appear

T thinking minds, upon the sod:

The spreading elm—the singing pine,

The maple, with its sweetened juice;

The luscious fruits of tree, and vine

Are made by Him, and for our use.


The lake, the river, and the rills,

The mighty oceans, and the seas;

O what a world of wonder, fills

The secret depths of all of these!

His pencil paints the rainbow tints,

And shades the petals of the rose;

These beauties are expressive hints,

Of what the future will disclose!


Does god care less, for those He made

In His own image, on the sod?

Has he designed us for the shade,

And not to be the “Sons of God”?

Ah, no! we have that vital “breath”—

The “Soul” which stirred old Adam’s clay;

And, in our victory over Death,

Our God will call, and we’ll obey!


The time will come, when we shall stand,

Upon a fairer, brighter shore:

Where we shall see, and understand,

What was mysterious before!

We’ll wait, till that appointed time,

For all His wonders to be known;

Then, He’ll unlock His plans sublime,

And will unveil them to his own!


Grand Haven, Mich., January, 1892.



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