Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 8, 1907


A Tribute to the Memory of Mrs.

Charlotte S. Wachs


Alas! That one so loved should die,

And leave so many friends behind!

That death should seal that kindly eye,

And quell that cordial active mind!

Why should He mark her for the grave,

Whom all admired? who had no foe?

Why should he still a heart so brave,

And strike her husband such a blow?


For him so wounded at the heart—

So soul distressed, and broken down;

Such bitter grief, cannot depart,

And leave his brow without a frown:—

How sad, amid the gathering gloom,

That hangs about that humble door:

To think of her as in the tomb,

And know that she will come no more!


‘Tis hard to give a loved wife up—

To break love’s long-cemented ties;—

Aye! hard to drink the bitter cup,

Whene’er a life companion dies!

How bleeds afresh a husband’s heart,

When his beloved is laid away—

When she, his all of life, departs

Into the higher life, to stay!


Be not cast down or sad of thought—

She has obeyed the Voice of God!

Take head unto this lesson taught,

And bow beneath the “Chastening Rod”!

Though sad at heart, and eyes are dim—

There is a Friend that gives relief:

Lift up your heart in prayer to Him—

No other can assuage your grief.


Aye! death is but a breathless state—

The speeding of a precious soul,

Through heaven’s ever opening gate,

Into our Father’s kind control.—

Why weep! when in the great beyond—

The bright fields of the evermore—

You’ll meet with her, the loved and fond,

Where hearts will grieve and ache no more!




Grand Haven, Mich.

March 21st. 1907.


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