Grand Haven Daily Tribune  April 26,1912



“By David Fletcher Hunton”

Son, Spring will come, with all her train,

Of Zephyrs sweet, and lovely flowers;

And pleasant days will come again,

With all her wealth, of happy hours,

Thank God, for all the signs of Spring;

And all the birds, now on the wing!

We hear, that some Wild Geese, have come,

To make this land their Summer Home.


Still, there may be, along this shore,

Some streaks of snow, waiting for some more!

The streams rejoice, that winter’s done.

And skies, draw azure, from the sun.

The souls of Flowers, down in the Earth,

Are dreaming, of an early birth;

And soon, their lovely Wings, will sprout,

And from their graves, they’ll all come out!


Even the Clouds, will weep for joy,

To see the Skies, put on their Gold!

I love the Spring; although I have,

A human Heart, that has grown old!

I do thank God, for lovely Spring;

When all the Birds are on the wing—

When Great Aeolus, has no power,

To wreck the glory of the hour!


Coming from Heaven, the Spring, in mirth,

Has kissed the forehead of the Earth:—

And while she smiles upon the Sea,

She bade the frozen streams, be free.

Dear Lord!  It is a gracious boon;

For one of Eighty-six, like me;

To revel in the joys of Spring;

And all her glories plainly see!


A mansion, fair, and spacious too;

God has prepared for me and you!

And we will, some day, close our eyes,

To wake again, in Paradise!

The hour will come though now unknown—

When we will stand at God’s White Throne!

And in that World of fadeless Flowers,

Find brighter scenes, than we have known,

Within this dear old World of ours!


Grand Haven, Mich.

February 2nd, 1912

(My 86th Birthday)



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