Grand Haven Daily Tribune  May 2, 1912




By David Fletcher Hunton.

Oh thou restless, inconstant Sea!

I cannot say my heart loves thee!

Thou didst come on this dear old Earth;

Just like a Snake or Viper hurled:

Thy voice, is like the Thunder, deep—

Or like a Giant, roused from sleep!

How could one love a wrathful main,

That has so many Millions, slain?

When ‘neath its wild waves, have been rolled,

So many Lives; and tons of Gold!


A million Hearts; high hearts; and brave;

Are sleeping ‘neath thy reckless Wave!

“Graveyard, of the great Atlantic!”

Surely, thou hast been, Satanic!

What though thou art a Mighty Sea?

A Greater, Mightier One, than Thee;

Rules over Earth, and Air, and Skies;

And all that’s in or on them lies!

Keep all thy gold, rapacious wave;

But give us back, the True and brave!

Keep on the “Line”, thou hast loved best—

“Forty one North and fifty west!”

Raise, if you can, the Hulk o’erthrown;

But Human Hearts, are not thy own!


When that great “Babel of the Sea”

That puny ornament, to be;

First felt the Iceberg’s fatal stroke;

The great “Sea-Folly’s Heart was broke!

All hearts were thrilled; and faith of breath,

As if within the throes of Death!

E’en Rich men, with their Gems, and Gold,

Then faced grim death, while hearts grew cold!


From that Monstrous Leviathan.

The largest “Toy ship” made by Man;

Many a lovely Soul, went down;

That may, hereafter, wear a Crown!

And some rich Men, then hugged their Gold

Until their selfish hearts grew cold!

But Wealth was then of little worth;

In that last hour, for them, on Earth!

Oh, thou erratic, restless Main;

We know thou hast illgotten gain!

Buried Isles, and Towers o’erthrown!

But all thou hast, is not thine own!


Thank God! for men, in that wild hour,

Who rose up, and with God-like Power;

And said,—when all was at the worst—

“Save the Women and Children first!”

And then, with strong, determined hands;

The Rich, and Poor, obeyed commands!

God then looked down from Heaven, above;

And smiled upon these acts of love!

God Rest the Lost!  in that wild Sea!

And save them, in Eternity!


Grand Haven, Mich.

_, April, A. D. 1912



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