Grand Haven Daily Tribune  August 13, 1896


The Sunflower.


I love that grand old fashioned flower,

Nor care what others say;—

It is the type of constancy,

From dawn till close of day:—

Like Clytie, of the olden myth,

It loves the golden Sun,

And never turns its face away

Until the day is done.


Through all the dark and misty night,

Till morning glories flame,

It waits, and watches for its god,

And greets him “true to name”:—

It sees no fairer, brighter face—

No other cheerful rays—

But true as steel, it follows him,

With unaverted gaze.


The same sweet look and loving smile

It gives the rising Sun,

Lasts, till he bids the world “Good Night;”

It truly loves but one.

O, grand, majestic, constant thing!

Your honest open face,

Rebukes the infidelity

Seen in the human race.


Grand Haven, Mich., Aug. 12, 1896



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