Grand Haven Daily Tribune  February 22, 1901



Written upon his birthday February 22nd, 1901


George Washington!  Thou heir of fame!

To thee we give our thoughts today!

We come to magnify thy name,

And homage to thy memíry pay!


Oh, father of our country grand!

Thy glory shines from sea to sea!

While we remain on freedomís land,

Our grateful hearts shall honor thee!


Thy trusty sword was used to save

This nation from a greedy foe;

Thy valor to our fathers gave

The nerve to lay the Britons low!


Father, sleep on!  Take thy sweet rest!

Sleep on, the savior of the free!

While we now feast, and drink the best,

In tender memory of thee!


Aye! Sleep in peace, O, hallowed shade!

What now to thee, is sculptured art?

Thy glorious record has been made,

And graven deep in every heart!


While ages pass along serene,

And timeís swift river smoothly rolls;

Our sons will keep thy memíry green,

In all their union loving souls.


Thy spiritís bark has reached the shore―

The radiant shore of that great sea,

Where battleís din is heard no more,

In all Godís grand eternity!


There, like a brilliant morning star,

He beckons us on the sod,

To meet him at the gates ajar,

And greet him at the throne of God!


Oh thou, upon whose spirit brow,

A crown of fadeless glory lies;

Be thou our guardian angel now,

And kindly watch us from the skies!


Grand Haven, Mich.



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